Design Concept 

This is an ideal solution if you're comfortable with taking care of the item sourcing and shopping elements. We would work with you to design your new space or redesign an existing space, provide floor plans, elevations as well a mood and sample board.

Package includes: 

1. Let's analise! We work together to understand your behavior to create funcional spaces and match the project goals.

• Initial site visit 
• Space planning 
• Furniture layout 
• Mood board and sample board 
• Style recomendation 

2. Let's create!  Let the magic happen, we bring to life all of the ideas in 3D renders.  

• Floor plan concept development 
• Finishes and materials board 
• Millwork specifications 
• Lighting specifications  
• Window treatments 
• 3D renders 
• Specify shopping list with links to sorce the products  
• List of contractors recomendations 

3.  Furnishing & Styling  

Let's enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a room! 

For this service we do not offer any precument. 

Let's work together!