Design Concept + Execution Supervision

We will handle it all for you, design, floor plans, sample & mood boards as well as the nitty gritty and time consuming elements such as sourcing, liaising with suppliers and we'll procure the items for your newly designed space.

Package includes: 

1. Let's analise! We work together to understand your daily habits to create funcional spaces and match the project goals.

• Initial site visit 
• Space planning 
• Furniture layout 
• Mood board and sample board 
• Style recomendation 

2. Let's create!  Let the magic happen, we bring to life all of the ideas in 3D renders.  

• Floor plan concept development 
• Finishes and materials board 
• Millwork specifications 
• Lighting specifications  
• Window treatments 
• 3D renders 
• Specify shopping list with links to source the products  
• List of contractor recomendations 
• Design supervision 
• Site visit twice per week to check work & progress 

3.  We find it! 

• Resource & procure all materials 
• Manager orders 
• Supervise delivery & installations 

4.  Furnishing & Styling  

Let's enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space! 

Let's work together!